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Frank Ross has taken the initiative to by brand integration towards upcoming good movies : Dev

Rajib Mukherjee, abptakmaa, Kolkata, 28th Sept 2019 : It is over 100 years period Frank Ross is serving people with quality pharma and healthcare products and services across the country mainly West Bengal, Orissa and Karnataka with more than 200 outlets. Emami Frank Ross Pharmacy has independently worked for the betterment of the society focusing on one and all through various CSR or other activities. Taking this in mind Frank Ross has taken the initiative to promote the lead starcast Dev for the movie “Password” at Eco Space Frank Ross. At the occasion the lead character Dev

said, Bengal always valued art, culture, music, cinema, theatre etc. So we got many legendary artists from every form of art in Bengal. The same way Emami Frank Ross is also valued for its services to the society. Frank Ross has taken the initiative to by brand integration towards upcoming good movies. Therefore Frank Ross Pharmacy came forward to associate with the star studded movie “Password” as a Feel Good Partner to promote this movie as well as Frank Ross brand. Recently Emami has opened a new cultural centre in Kolkata which is the best in the country to promote art and culture. Publicity : Silver Screen. Photography : Rajib Mukherjee.

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