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A board of 9 members doctors on zoom for Sourav Ganguly

Ambar Bhattacharya, abptakmaa, Kolkata, 4th Jan 2020 : Sourav Ganguly the board president of 48 years/ Bed no- 516 got admitted to Woodlands Hospital on Saturday with a cardiac arrest. He is under the supervision of Dr Saroj Mandal, Dr Soutik Panda, Dr Saptarshi Basu.

But today a Medical board of 9 members met today at 1130am with reputed specialists on zoom platform

Dr Saroj Mondal
Dr Aftab Khan
Dr SB Roy
Dr Saptarshi Basu
Dr Bhabatosh Biswas
Dr Soutik Panda
Dr Asish Patra
Dr Palash Kumar
Dr Malti Purkait
Dr Rupali Basu

Dr Devi Shetty ( on zoom )
Dr RK Panda ( on zoom )

Dr Samuel Mathew ( on phone)

Opinions were taken from Dr Aswin Mehta ( Jaslok Mumbai) and Dr Shamin K Sharma ( Mount Sinai NY)

The medical records and his clinical condition of Mr Sourav Ganguly were reviewed by the board members.

The unanimous decision was that an appropriate timely excellent treatment of primary PTCA with revascularisation of RCA was rendered during the acute heart attack stage.

The discussion was also on the two other coronary blockages viz LAD and OM2 need to be treated by angioplasty in this admission vis a vis doing it at a immediate later stage.

The consensus of the board was that deferring the angioplasty for now is deemed to be a safer option since Mr Ganguly is stable, without any chest pain and is on optimal medical management.

The family members were present during the board meeting and were explained about the disease process and further therapeutic plan.

Treating doctors will be keeping constant vigil on his health situation and taking appropriate measures daily at home once discharged.

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