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Union Budget Expectation 2019 by Mr Rishi Jain, M D, Jain Group

Desk Correspondent, abptakmaa, Kolkata, 4th July 2019 : As Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman readies to unveil her maiden Union  Budget  on July 5, 2019, Mr Rishi Jain, Managing Director, Jain Group shares his expectations in the Union Budget.

This Budget will essentially send out the feelers and first signals of what the Modi2.0 government’s economic agendas are. 

As with any budget the Industry expects some stimulus to turn the economic wheels faster. Revival of 80IB , GST revisions and facilitating better credit opportunities from Banks and NBFCs are some expectations of the Real Estate Developer fraternity.

On the Hospitality front again, the GST rates on semi luxury properties should be revised and stimulus to develop asset heavy properties are need of the hour. 

The Finance Minister needs to show her awareness about the business scenarios at the ground level. She has to strike a balance between improving ease of doing business of MSMEs as well as give reasons to cheer for the Public at large. It will be interesting to see how this balance is maintained. Publicity : Sagittarius Communications.

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